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Stitchtember - Day 23 - Drizzle Stitch

Updated: Sep 24, 2023

The drizzle stitch is a 3D decorative stitch which stands proud from the fabric. It’s ideal for adding texture to your embroidery designs and can also resemble flower stamens and small flowers. Vary the size of the drizzle stitch by forming more loops or changing the number of working threads.

Drizzle stitch tutorial


· Fabric – cotton or linen fabric works well. I used osnaburg fabric which is 100% seeded cotton, but you can use any spare fabric you already have.

· Stranded embroidery thread

· Needle

· Scissors


· Embroidery hoop

During this tutorial I am using osnaburg 100% cotton seeded fabric, stranded cotton embroidery thread, a hand embroidery needle and a 5” DMC beechwood embroidery hoop.

1. Thread your needle and tie a knot at one end. I am using four strands of embroidery thread for this tutorial. You can choose how many strands you would like to use.

2. Bring your needle through from the back of the fabric to the front.

3. Remove the thread from your needle.

4. Insert your needle into the fabric, next to your thread.

5. Wrap the thread around your index finger, forming a loop.

6. Slide the loop onto your needle.

7. Keep hold of the needle as you gently pull the thread with your other hand to tighten the thread around your needle.

8. Repeat this a few more times. I wrapped 12 loops around the needle. The more loops you form, the longer the drizzle stitch will be.

9. After working a few loops you will start to see the stitches forming on the needle.

10. Once you have finished wrapping threads around the needle, re-thread your needle.

11. Hold the loops around the needle as you pull your needle through the fabric.

12. The drizzle stitch is complete.

Drizzle stitch top tips

· Work more loops around the needle to form a longer drizzle stitch.

· Increase the number of threads you work with to create a bigger drizzle stitch.

· Attach the drizzle stitch to the fabric with a small holding stitch at the end of the drizzle stitch.

· Use the drizzle stitch to resemble flower stamens.

· Work a few drizzle stitches together and attach them to the fabric with a holding stitch to form textured flowers.

Happy Stitching!

Hannah x


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