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The forget-me-not collection is inspired by my late Grandmother, Camille, whom I sadly lost to dementia. There are five forget-me-not designs within the collection: Camille, Rosita, Mary, Beatrice and Philomena. Camille is my Grandmother’s first name, Rosita and Mary are her middle names. Beatrice is named after my great-Grandmother and Philomena is named after my great-great-Grandmother. The forget-me-not collection includes hand embroidery kits, forget-me-not brooch, screen printed cards and totes bags and hand embroidered buttons.

DSCF9706 edit.jpg
Camille grey.jpg
DSCF9703 edit.jpg
Rosita grey.jpg
DSCF9718 edit.jpg
Mary grey.jpg
DSCF9734 edit.jpg
Beatrice grey.jpg
DSCF9697 edit.jpg
Philomena grey.jpg
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