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Stitchtember - Day 26 - Looped Blanket Stitch Flower

The looped blanket stitch creates a lovely 3D flower. It's made up from lots of loop stitches which when worked together form a flower. There's the option to add French knots or satin stitch to highlight the centre of the flower, or completely fill the flower with loop stitches to create different looking flowers.

Looped blanket flower stitch tutorial


· Fabric – cotton or linen fabric works well. I used osnaburg fabric which is 100% seeded cotton, but you can use any spare fabric you already have.

· Stranded embroidery thread

· Needle

· Scissors


· Embroidery hoop

During this tutorial I am using osnaburg 100% cotton seeded fabric, DMC stranded cotton embroidery thread, a hand embroidery needle and a 5” DMC beechwood embroidery hoop.

1. Start by drawing several circles onto the fabric. Fill the centre circle with French knots or satin stitch.

2. Thread your needle using stranded embroidery thread and tie a knot at one end. For this tutorial I am using six strands of DMC stranded embroidery thread. You can choose how many strands of thread you would like to use.

3. Bring your needle through the fabric at the top outer circle, point 1.

4. Leave a small gap and insert your needle into point 2.

5. Pull the needle and thread through to the back, leaving a small loop on top of the fabric.

6. Bring your needle up in the middle of your stitch, point 3.

7. Insert your needle into point 4, roughly the same distance away as the length of the first stitch.

8. Pull the needle through to the back, leaving a loop on top of the fabric. Bring your needle up near the end of the first stitch, point 5.

9. Pull the needle and thread through so the loop is the same size as the previous loop.

10. Continue this process, until you reach your starting point. Ensure the loops are of equal length.

11. Then continue the process until the flower is complete.

12. The looped blanket stitch flower is complete.

Looped blanket stitch flower top tips:

  • Vary the number of circles to create bigger or smaller flowers.

  • Use variegated thread to add depth to the flower.

  • Use French knots or satin stitch in the centre of the flower to create a different look.

  • Try stitching the whole flower using just the loop stitch.

Looped blanket stitch flower video tutorial

Happy stitching!

Hannah x


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