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Stitchtember - Day 8 - Chain Stitch

The chain stitch is similar to the lazy daisy stitch but the chains are joined together to form a continuous line of chain stitches, instead of separate chains that we recognise from the lazy daisy. The chain stitch creates a rope like effect which can be used as a decorative stitch, outlines and filling shapes.

Chain stitch tutorial


· Fabric – cotton or linen fabric works well. I used osnaburg fabric which is 100% seeded cotton, but you can use any spare fabric you already have.

· Stranded embroidery thread

· Needle

· Scissors


· Embroidery hoop

Just for your reference, during this tutorial I am using osnaburg 100% cotton seeded fabric, black DMC stranded cotton embroidery thread, a hand embroidery needle and a 5” DMC beechwood embroidery hoop.

1. Thread your needle using stranded embroidery thread. For this tutorial I will be using four strands of DMC embroidery thread. You can choose how many strands of embroidery thread you would like to work with.

2. Bring your needle through from the back of the fabric to the front, at point 1. This is the starting point of your chain stitch.

3. Put your needle back into point 1 and straight back up at point 2. This forms the length of your chain stitch.

4. Wrap the thread around your needle.

5. Pull the needle and thread through the fabric to form a loop shape.

6. Insert your needle back into point 2 (the same hole as the end of your thread) and straight back up at point 3. Keeping the stitch length the same as your first chain stitch.

7. Wrap the thread around your needle.

8. Pull the needle and thread through the fabric to form your second chain stitch. Continue this method until you reach the end of your chain stitch.

9. Secure your last chain stitch with a small holding stitch. Insert your needle into the fabric at point 4, just on the outside of the chain and pull the needle through the fabric.

10. Your chain stitch is complete.

Chain Stitch Video Tutorial:

Happy Stitching!

Hannah x


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