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The Sunflower Collection

The most recent embroidery collection to launch is the sunflower collection. It was inspired after visiting Sam's Sunflower at Stoke Fruit Farm, Hayling Island, Hampshire UK last year. The sunflower fields were so beautiful and inspired me to create some new embroidery designs based around sunflowers. A year later the sunflower collection launched. It includes five designs: Willow, Tillie, Daphne, Freya and Phoebe.

Willow is a pretty wreath design which includes sunflowers, flower sprigs and leafy vines. She is one of my favourites from the collection. There is enough thread in the kit so you could stitch a name or sentiment in the middle of the wreath, if you wish. The fabric included in the kit is 100% linen. I love the natural texture of the linen, as it helps to add more depth to the design.

Tillie is a sweet 3" hoop and is inspired by the face of the sunflower. Satin stitch is used to work the petals and I love the natural sheen which occurs from the beautiful DMC embroidery threads. In the step-by-step instructions I show you how to make your own variegated thread by combining three shades of yellow threads. This gives a subtle but effective look and helps to bring the sunflower to life. Tillie comes in two fabric colour choices beige or white. The content of the kit is the same, it's only the linen fabric and wool felt colour that will differ depending on your choice.

I wanted to try and replicate the look of the sunflower field in the Daphne design. I have used the DIY variegated thread method to stitch the petals which helps to create a more realistic look of the sunflowers standing in the field. Daphne is framed in a 5" round embroidery hoop.

Freya is another one of my favourites from the collection. She is a beautiful bouquet full of sunflowers, flower sprigs and leafy vines. The design works perfectly in the oval wood effect hoop. In the kit you will receive everything you need to make your own hoop: screen-printed 100% linen, 100% wool felt (to finish the back of the hoop), DMC threads, DMC oval wood effect hoop, embroidery needle and project workbook which includes photo step-by-step instructions, stitch and colour guide and embroidery stitch diagrams.

Phoebe is the only heart design within the collection. The heart is made from 100% wool felt in a lovely mottled beige colour. In the kit you will receive everything you need to make your own heart, the only part you will need to add is some toy/cushion stuffing. If you haven't got any already then you could use the stuffing from an old cushion. I try to include a heart kit in each of the collections as I know some of you have enjoyed making them so much that you may like to start your own heart collection!

I hope you love the sunflower collection and have enjoyed finding out more about each design. I would love to know what you think of the collection and if you have any ideas or suggestions the please let me know below. If you have bought any of the kits then I would love to see your photos so don't forget to tag @hannahburburydesigns on social media.


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