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Tomorrow's Talent & FatFace Winner

This week has been a very exciting one as a competition I entered last year came to fruition...

In May 2019 I entered some of my designs into a competition run by The Prince's Trust and FatFace. I was sent a brief, moodboard and colour palette to help inspire the designs. I had the choice of three trends: Florals, Cosmic Prints or conversational prints. I absolutely love florals so thought I would draw some new designs, send them in and see what happens, never thinking I would be lucky enough to win...

However, I was very surprised when I received an email to say I had been chosen as one of their winners! It was such amazing news and so unexpected. The prize included one weeks work experience at FatFace HQ and my design printed onto ladies scarves and sold in-store and online. There were three winners altogether, myself, Jade and Claire. Jade's was a floral design and Claire's was a cosmic design. Both mine and Jade's design was made into ladies scarves and Claire's design was made into children's pyjamas.

In August 2019 myself, Jade & Claire was invited to FatFace HQ for the work experience week. As you can probably imagine it was an amazing week. More to come about this on next week's blog post.

So last week marked the launch of my scarf being available to buy from FatFace online and in-store. It was a lovely surprise to receive a FatFace email newsletter pop into my inbox last weekend... a whole email featuring myself, Jade and Claire, our products and info about tomorrows talent.

There's also a page on the FatFace website, if you would like to find out more, then click here

Here are all our products together....

Look what arrived last week!...

Receiving my scarf was so exciting and to read my name on the swing tag was pretty amazing! I had only seen a sample of my scarf until this point so it was so good to see the finished product, with all the swing tags attached.

I also love the sustainable packaging from FatFace... even the plastic bag the scarf arrives in is made from recycled materials.

So if all of this wasn't exciting enough I then visited FatFace Southampton & Southsea... and look what I found....

These pictures are from FatFace Southampton, West Quay. It was a lovely display of the scarves and so surreal to see my own design available from a shop like FatFace! I also love the jumpers they have displayed with my scarf as the colours compliment my design perfectly!

FatFace Southsea...

I hope you will love the scarf too, I would love to know your thoughts. Next week's blog will be all about my work experience at FatFace HQ...



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